Our wonderful hotel has existed for more than 100 years. This is not only due to our reputation for offering excellent value for money or to the importance we attach to a hearty, fresh and regional cuisine. It is far more down to our hospitality and family atmosphere, because we know that it is this that makes our guests feel most comfortable. It is not only the nostalgic retro look of some of the rooms or the well-kept original designs that we have to thank for this, but also the people who work at Hotel Engadinerhof in Pontresina. They put their heart and passion into their work every day and are always available to respond to your needs and enquiries. They are passionate about creating an atmosphere that has won over many regular guests. We would now like to introduce ourselves and our department heads, who represent all our employees, and say “THANK YOU” to them. We look forward to your visit and hope to be able to welcome you soon as a first time or return guest.

Our passionate Master Chef

Paolo Corona

From Italy, born on 29.06.1968, married, a daughter Chiara, born in 2005. He has been pampering our guests since December 2008.

Services Manager

Michele Carta

From Italy, born on 15.12.1964, married. He has been with us since December 2017.

Cleaning and Laundry Manager

Sonia Maria Ferreira Cardoso da Costa

From Portugal, born on 14.10.1979, married, with a son Alexandro, born in 2000. She has been with us since June 2006.

Head Receptionist

Lisa Orsini

Our “Mona Lisa” from Italy, born on 24.08.1983, (happily) married since April 2015. She has been with us since December 2010.

Restaurant Manager of the Ristorante “Nostra Pizzeria”

Thomas Jankowski

From Germany, born on 15.11.1967, single, proud father of daughter Michelle, born in 2004. He has been with us since December 2003.

We look forward to welcoming you soon as our guest!